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August 5 Election Results for Ohio Schools

August 5, 2014

School tax levy, income tax question, and bond issue results so far from around the state from the August 5, 2014 Special Election:

Issues that passed (unofficial results):

Issues that failed (unofficial results):

[Updated 8/6/14 6:00 am]

Complete levy results will be available in the OSBA database.



August 5 School Levies, Bond, and Tax Issues Right Around the Corner

July 28, 2014

According to the Secretary of State’s office, the August 5, 2014 Special Election includes seven school funding issues:

For details on many of these issues, see the Ballotpedia entry “Ohio 2014 local ballot measures.” Complete levy results will be available in the OSBA database.



From ODE: “Changes to Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for 2014-2015″

June 5, 2014

House Bill 362 passed the Ohio legislature on June 3 bringing changes to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for the 2014-2015 school year and beyond.

The first change will allow less frequent evaluation of teachers receiving skilled and accomplished ratings beginning next year, while still providing them with feedback on their work.

The second change will allow districts a choice between a new alternative teacher evaluation structure and the current (original) structure. The alternative structure includes an additional measure to student growth and observation in a teacher’s evaluation as 15 percent of the evaluation.

The fact sheet below provides more details on House Bill 362. Additional information will appear on these Web pages in the near future.

Fact Sheet on Ohio House Bill 362


May 6 School Levies, Bond, and Tax Issues Right Around the Corner

May 2, 2014

According to the Secretary of State’s office, Ohioans will be casting votes concerning 149 school tax levy, income tax questions, and bond issues during the May 6, 2014 Primary Election. For details on many of these issues, see the Ballotpedia entry “Ohio 2014 local ballot measures.” Complete levy results will be available in the OSBA database.


From ODE: “Recommendations open for Ohio’s Talent Pool”

April 18, 2014

The State of Ohio maintains a file of emerging classroom leaders consisting of distinguished teachers and principals. These educators may be considered for membership on advisory boards and task forces, as well as candidates for special recognition programs. This year, the state is accepting teacher recommendations for Grades K-5, now through Friday, May 16. For further information, please visit Ohio Talent Pool.


From ODE: Nominate a district Ohio Teacher of the Year candidate by April 30

April 15, 2014

More teachers will gain recognition than ever before at the school district and regional levels through the 2015 Ohio Teacher of the Year program.  The program has been restructured to include new State Board Territory Teacher of the Year awards for the 11 State Board of Education territories. State Board of Education members, together with leaders in their territories, are contacting district superintendents to promote the competition.

By April 30, superintendents are asked to work with their principals to select one teacher candidate to serve as the school district’s entry in their State Board Territory Teacher of the Year contest. School districts and nominees will have until May 23 to complete and submit applications to their territory leads. All territory winners (one per territory) will advance to a state-level competition for the Ohio Teacher of the Year, who will be selected in fall 2014.

A timeline, instructions, the nomination form and a list of State Board territory leads are posted here. Additionally, click here for a map of State Board territories. Questions may be directed to the State Board member or territory lead or to Patty Griffin at


“Animal Connections” traveling Smithsonian exhibit arrives at Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Open House April 5

March 31, 2014

The College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Open House now has an exciting new attraction! “Animal Connections: Our Journey Together”a 1,000 square foot custom-built exhibit housed on an 18-wheel truck will be on site from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 5 at the Veterinary Medicine Academic Building, 1900 Coffey Rd.

Presented by the Smithsonian Institution to mark the 150th anniversary of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in 2013, “Animal Connections: Our Journey Together,” uses a dynamic combination of interactive learning stations, films and touch screen videos, and three-dimensional settings to explore topics about animals in the home, on the farm, in the wild, at the zoo and in the veterinary clinic. It also highlights the varied roles veterinarians play in the health of animals.

The project is made possible through support from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and the generous support of founding sponsor, Zoetis, Inc., a company that discovers, develops and manufactures veterinary vaccines and medicines.

The Annual Open House at the college allows animal lovers and prospective veterinary students the opportunity to learn more about animal care and health and professional career opportunities. Visitors to campus can take self-guided tours of the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC)*, speak with veterinary students and professionals in the field of veterinary medicine, and participate in a variety of hands-on activities and displays designed for all ages and interests.

More information about activities at the Open House are available at
Visitors to “Animal Connections” can continue the learning experience online at The site includes resources on animal care and careers in veterinary medicine.


Confused about Calamity Days?

March 20, 2014

From Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Richard A. Ross:

I know you’ve been greatly concerned about how your districts will make up for the unusual number of calamity days caused by Ohio’s hard winter. Now, I have news for you. House Bill 416 gives Ohio’s school districts four additional calamity days. This will give you new flexibility as you schedule your district’s make-up days.

Here’s what the new law means for you as you move forward:

·         As with any other year, you do not need to make up the first five calamity days.

·         The next four days your district has missed must be made up (calamity days six through nine).

·         The next four calamity days are excused (calamity days ten through 13).

·         Any additional calamity days must be made up. This can be accomplished by scheduling additional days of instruction, by lengthening the school day in any combination of half-hour blocks, or through online instruction and/or blizzard bags.

For more details, see our calamity day FAQ posted on the Ohio Department of Education website.


Summer Monarch Teacher Network Workshop in Columbus

March 16, 2014

Teaching and Learning With Monarch Butterflies is a two-day teacher workshop combining classroom and field experiences.  It enables pre-K through 12th grade educators to teach essential skills in literacy, math, science, geography, technology, Spanish, the arts and social studies… through the captivating story of monarchs.  Teachers complete the workshop with all the materials they need to bring this exciting and dynamic subject into their classrooms.

Workshops are taught by a team of experienced classroom teachers and educators. Participants are provided with the knowledge, skills, materials and confidence to raise monarchs in the classroom and create an outstanding learning experience for their students.  Workshop graduates can apply for $200-$800 MTN fellowship awards to participate in one week tours of Mexico or California where we visit the over-wintering colonies of Monarchs and explore local Mexican culture in the state of Michoacán or other animal migrations and old growth forests of California.

Each participant receives: Hands-on instruction by experienced teachers; Rearing cages, books, posters, DVDs and other essential materials; Strategies for butterfly gardens and “Monarch Parades”; Inquiry-based science activities for all abilities; Activities for Mexican/pre-Hispanic culture, history and Spanish language; Activities for language arts, math, social studies, drama, and fine arts; Distance learning projects with schools in Canada/Mexico/California; Proven models for engaging community support; Post-workshop on-going support.

Upon completion, 13 hours of Professional Development is awarded.

Monarch Teacher Network workshop flier


OSU web-based clicker system available for free

March 7, 2014

Thinking about flipping your classroom to actively engage your students, study collaboratively, and make learning fun? Ohio State University physics professor Lei Bao has been studying the use of clickers in classroom instructions and he is making his web-based clicker system available for free! is a free Web Clicker System for Classroom Polling and Internet Voting. It works on any internet accessible devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops). No hardware purchases, no app downloads, and absolutely no cost! Designed and developed by teachers and education researchers, it is a tool to upgrade your classroom for improved learning with effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility.

Schools can request to create dedicated channels, such as those listed on the website’s front page. User manuals and documentation can be found at The quick start guide gives a simple intro of how to get started ( There is also a Q&A page for users to submit questions and get answers. For more information, teachers can also contact Lei Bao directly (


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