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July course for environmental educators at Stone Lab

March 10, 2017

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ODE launches education app for families

December 29, 2016

From the Ohio Department of Education (ODE):

Ohio families can now get the latest education news, search for schools in their neighborhoods and look at their schools’ report cards right from their smartphones, using the new mobile app for iPhone and Android, launched by the Ohio Department of Education.

With the app, Ohioans can:

  • Access timely educator and family resources;
  • Find school report cards and other information from around their homes;
  • Receive app updates and notifications straight to their phones;
  • Interact with the Ohio School Report Cards by school or district name, or by entering their zip code;
  • Send information from the Ohio School Report Cards to friends, family and colleagues;
  • Check out district and school grades in the area before they move; or
  • Navigate directly to schools or call them with easy to use in-app features.

For download links and more information, visit the ODE website.


Ho ho ho and Education Grants: It’s the OCESS Annual “12 Grants of Christmas”

December 25, 2016

Looking for ways to fund classroom projects, teacher professional development, and science education change at your school? OCESS’s annual “12 Grants of Christmas” can help out:

  • On the First Day of Christmas…I designed a community environmental project to submit to the US EPA for the President’s Environmental Youth Award.
  • On the Second Day of Christmas…I contacted my local Wells Fargo manager to apply for funding for an educational project.
  • On the Third Day of Christmas…I contacted the DuPont Office of Education with an idea for an inquiry-based STEM education project.
  • On the Fourth Day of Christmas…I sent an application to the Toshiba USA America Foundation to purchase instructional equipment for my grade 6-12 classroom.
  • On the Fifth Day of Christmas…I submitted an application to the Fund for Teachers for a summer fellowship for a professional development project.
  • On the Sixth Day of Christmas…I wrote a proposal to the NEA Foundation for a grant of up to $5,000 for a project that promotes students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and self-directed learning.
  • On the Seventh Day of Christmas…I dreamed big dreams for a Toyota USA Foundation grant for my K-12 science and math education project.
  • On the Eighth Day of Christmas…I contacted the McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation with an idea for a professional development project to improve instruction at our school.
  • On the Ninth Day of Christmas…I thought up a classroom STEM project to submit for a $1500 Ohio Space Grant Consortium Mini-Grant.
  • On the Tenth Day of Christmas…I noticed that the Verizon Foundation funds a wide range of educational projects that could help my school.
  • On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…I contacted the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics with an idea for a project to improve STEM instruction in my school.
  • On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…I applied to Pets In the Classroom to support my classroom aquarium.

And during the rest of the year, you can find even more grant opportunities on the OCESS Twitter feed ( and Facebook page.



Registration open for ODE Special Education regional summits in January and February

November 29, 2016

The Ohio Department of Education’s Office for Exceptional Children Regional Special Education Leadership Summits are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

  • Southwest Conference in Dayton on Jan. 19
  • Northeast Conference in Canton on Jan. 26
  • Southeast Conference in Athens on Feb. 1
  • Northwest Conference in Bowling Green on Feb. 7

Presentations and discussion topics include literacy, school climate and discipline, graduation options for students with disabilities and transition. Sessions also will offer updates on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), as well as data and trends related to the state of special education in Ohio and at the national level. Registration details are available on the ODE website.


NSTA Awards due December 15

November 9, 2016

Applications are being accepted for the The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Awards and Recognition Program:

  • Angela Award
  • Distinguished Informal Science Education Awards
  • Distinguished Service to Science Education Awards
  • Distinguished Teaching Awards
  • DuPont Pioneer Excellence in Agricultural Science Education Award
  • Faraday Science Communicator Award
  • Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers
  • Ron Mardigian Memorial Biotechnology Explorer Award
  • Northrop Grumman Foundation Excellence in Engineering Education Award
  • NSTA Fellow Award
  • NSTA Legacy Award
  • PASCO STEM Educator Awards
  • Robert E. Yager Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Robert H. Carleton Award
  • SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Outstanding Environmental Educator of the Year
  • Shell Science Teaching Award
  • Shell Urban Science Educators Development Award
  • Sylvia Shugrue Award for Elementary School Teachers
  • Vernier Technology Awards
  • Wendell G. Mohling Outstanding Aerospace Educator Award

The deadline for submission is December 15, 2016, except for the Shell Teaching Award (deadline: January 6, 2017). For more information, visit the NSTA website.


From ODE: “Call for proposals for STEM School designation and STEM School Equivalent for schools in Ohio”

November 2, 2016

The Ohio Department of Education invites proposals for schools desiring the designation of an Ohio STEM School or STEM School Equivalent, effective with the 2017-2018 school year. The Fiscal Year 2018 STEM School Designation Application will be available Nov.15 on the Department’s STEM webpage. Completed applications must be submitted to the department by 5 p.m., Feb. 17, 2017.

The Ohio STEM Learning Network will host a technical assistance webinar on Dec. 8 for all schools interested in applying for a STEM designation.

For more information, visit the department’s STEM webpage or contact Holly Lavender at (614) 387-0539.


November 8 School Levies, Bond, and Tax Issues Right Around the Corner

November 1, 2016

According to the Secretary of State’s office, Ohioans will be casting votes concerning 151 school tax levies, income tax questions, and bond issues during the November 8, 2016 General Election. Complete levy results will be available in the OSBA database.